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Neighborhood Revitalization

“Neighborhood Revitalization is the way of the future and is an essential element of Habitat’s work. By focusing on entire neighborhoods, we can greatly increase our impact.” — Jonathan Reckford, CEO, Habitat for Humanity International

Habitat Cabarrus is part of an original 163-affiliate member taskforce in partnership with Habitat for Humanity International’s Neighborhood Revitalization. This is a multifaceted strategic response to the profound challenges that communities throughout the United States are facing due to the subprime mortgage crisis, the historic increase in home foreclosures and the fallout from the worldwide economic recession.

This video shows the positive outcome in the New Town neighborhood of Jacksonville, Florida, where safety, health, education and housing have been improved through partnerships with homeowners and other community organizations. Are you a church or community organization that would like to partner with us to help revitalize a neighborhood in Cabarrus County? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

While Habitat’s traditional methods of new construction remain strong, increasingly, affiliates across the country are expanding operations to attract more volunteers and sponsors and to ultimately serve more families. 

The holistic approach of the Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative enables affiliates to have a broader impact on a neighborhood community level. Habitat Cabarrus is excited to join this new program, and is beginning to reorganize its operations through several new endeavors to revitalize communities in need.

Historic Carver Community in Kannapolis, NC

As of June 2015, Habitat Cabarrus has completed five rehab projects, four new builds and about 25 critical repair projects in the Carver area.

With the completion of our second tiny house in the fall of 2016, Habitat Cabarrus has completed five rehab projects, five new builds and over 20 critical repair projects in the Carver community. The City has identified the Carver area as a “Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area,” and focuses a significant amount of its Community Development Funding toward this effort. This community, located very close to the North Carolina Research Campus and Downtown Kannapolis, suffers from a cycle of generational poverty and substandard housing conditions. 

Approximately 80% of residents are at or below poverty level, and the community only has a 30% rate of homeownership. There is significant promise in this community, however, and Habitat Cabarrus is excited to work with the City of Kannapolis to provide a better place for local families to live and grow.  

For more information on joining the Neighborhood Revitalization, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.