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Leon Hammond - Warehouse Coordinator

Leon Hammond

Leon joined the ReStore staff in 2006 and has seen a lot of changes over the years.  He says even though the store has changed locations and store operations have shifted, the people have remained constant.  The staff and customers always stay nice and cheerful. 

Leon spent 40 years working as a brick mason and carpenter and he enjoys building things.   He likes seeing visible progress on a project each day. Leon says he tries to do his best every single day and he finds the work interesting at ReStore.  The tasks and the merchandise change daily so he’s never bored. In addition, Leon likes the ReStore mission and likes helping people who may have hit a dead end and need a hand.


Mr. Hammond grew up in Cabarrus County and graduated from Northwest High School.  He was married and is father to two sons, Oscar and Akiva.

Favorite Part of working for ReStore:
Leon’s favorite aspect of his work with ReStore is twofold.  He enjoys watching the randomness of the merchandise ebb and flow and he likes knowing his efforts help others.

Loves spending time:
Leon says he’s a builder so he likes being at work.

Favorite Bible verse: Psalm 37:25 
“I once was young but now I am old.  Yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken nor his seeds begging bread.”  
Leon says it reminds us that God is here and present help – he will supply all your needs.

Favorite place to visit:
Leon doesn’t do vacations.  He likes to work.