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Sanchez Alexander - Warehouse Manager

Sanchez Alexander

Sanchez joined the ReStore team in 2015 after working at CMC Northeast for eleven years. While employed with the hospital he worked in several areas including nutrition, transportation, dietary, and as a cook. Mr. Alexander’s roles brought him into contact with many different people with quite diverse needs. Sanchez learned the art of patient listening during his time with the hospital. Sanchez also worked as a cook in a local restaurant for nearly five years and learned to juggle multiple tasks efficiently while still smiling. These skills serve him well as a truck driver for ReStore Cabarrus. Sanchez serves as the face of ReStore when he picks up large donations and when he delivers customers’ items that are too large for the purchaser to safely bring home. His upbeat attitude and strong work ethic serves ReStore and the community well.

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Leon Hammond - Warehouse Coordinator

Leon Hammond

Leon joined the ReStore staff in 2006 and has seen a lot of changes over the years.  He says even though the store has changed locations and store operations have shifted, the people have remained constant.  The staff and customers always stay nice and cheerful. 

Leon spent 40 years working as a brick mason and carpenter and he enjoys building things.   He likes seeing visible progress on a project each day. Leon says he tries to do his best every single day and he finds the work interesting at ReStore.  The tasks and the merchandise change daily so he’s never bored. In addition, Leon likes the ReStore mission and likes helping people who may have hit a dead end and need a hand.

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Supporting Staff

James Lowery - driver/warehouse
Matt Robson - driver/warehouse
Tammy Ball - Cashier

Melissa Barnes - Assistant Manager

Dale Irvin

In Memoriam

 Melissa joined the Habitat ReStore in November 2017 after 30 years in the retail pharmacy industry. Melissa also had experience working on construction sites and in medical offices. She came to Habitat Cabarrus in search of a more rewarding career in which she could do what she loves – meeting new people and making a difference in their lives. As a lover of upcycling and repurposing items, Melissa felt right at home at the ReStore Cabarrus.

Her kind heart was always compassionate to animals, especially the ones that made their way into the ReStore. Melissa also loved cheering for Germany in the World Cup and riding motorcycles with her husband, Jeff. She is survived by her husband Jeff and their five sons.

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Tom Somerville - Operations Manager

Tom Somerville

In Memoriam

Tom joined ReStore in 2005 after working in retail management for 40 years in several large organizations including WalMart and TG&Y/McCrory.  His previous roles provided Tom with multiple layers of expertise in both merchandise sales and the art of pricing.  Tom used this knowledge base daily when selecting items for ReStore displays, communicating with donors and volunteers, when scheduling staff, and arranging pick-up and delivery routes for large items.

Our beloved Tom passed away on September 2, 2017. He will truly be missed by the Habitat Cabarrus/ReStore staff, board members, volunteers and supporters. His jovial spirit and impact on our organization and community will never be forgotten.

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