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Weekday Warriors

Weekday Warriors are a very dedicated group of volunteers who come out week after week, rain and shine, heat and cold, to get the construction tasks ready for the next round of Saturday volunteers. The Warriors started out being called the Wednesday Warriors but when tasks regularly became available on other days the name changed.

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If you ask the Weekday Warriors why they volunteer, why Habitat, or why they keep coming back you hear some interesting responses.

Click on the name of one of our Weekday Warrior members for their story.

Brad Fisher

Brad Fisher

Brad Fisher has been a Warrior for 13 years and he loves being up high on the roofs. He used to be a lab director and enjoyed it. But he really appreciates construction’s shorter projects because he gets to see what was accomplished in a day. He thinks Habitat provides a real way to directly help people – by giving them the opportunity to help themselves.

Daniel Stafford

Daniel Stafford

Daniel Stafford joined the Warrior ranks in 2015. He came out to a work day with his church and liked the experience so much he asked what else he could do. He is relatively new to the area so he appreciates the comradery with the other Warriors and he enjoys building things. Daniel really relishes the opportunity to meet the future homeowners and to hear from them how the Habitat program will change their lives. Daniel’s favorite task is framing because it is satisfying to see how much can be accomplished each day.

David Flowers

David Flowers

David Flowers has been a Warrior for eight years. He spent his career in mechanical engineering and he’s always been interested in how things worked. He really wanted to know how homes were built. David likes framing because you can see real progress in one day. He also likes working on the triangular metal works just below the roof. The sheet metal bird box is different for each home and David likes seeing form and function come together. David thinks the Habitat program is admirable and this provides him a route to give back.

John Cline

Brad Fisher

John Cline has been a Warrior for over nine years. He started out as a Saturday volunteer and asked what else he could do. He really likes framing. Because he spent so much of his career in an office setting, he loves to do something physical. John enjoys the fellowship with the Warriors and he likes being part of a hand UP because he believes the home owners appreciate it more.

Jack Stein


Learn a little about Weekday Warrior Jack Stein!

How long have you been a warrior?

Since around 2016.

What was (or still is) your profession?

I was an IT manager involved in software and hardware.

Why did you chose to spend you week days with Habitat? Or how did you get involved with the Weekday Warriors?

I was always interested in construction and we supported Habitat. When I saw there was an opportunity in Charlotte to do volunteer work I also saw that there was an opportunity in Cabarrus so I volunteer to both affiliates.

What is your favorite part of the construction schedule? Or What is your favorite part of being a warrior? Or what is your favorite time of the year as a warrior?

I enjoy all facets of the work we do. The key for me is that I learn so much from the colleagues I work with and I see the results of our efforts and how what we do makes an impact in the community.

Our Weekday Warriors are a bit like Nessie the Lock Ness Monster – they are shy creatures who eschew the spotlight and the camera. Brad, John, David, Daniel, and Jack are only a few of the very dedicated Warriors who provide so much time, labor and love to Habitat Cabarrus. 

Matthew 19:26 – Jesus looked at them and said, “with man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” 

I’m pretty sure God brought our Weekday Warriors. They worked elsewhere for their daily bread but now they have the time and the desire to feed their souls. We are so grateful that they chose us as the source of their Soul Food.

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If you’re interested in volunteering or becoming a Weekday Warrior please contact us at 704-786-4001.


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