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Faith Partnerships

Church Information and Involvement

In 1989, Habitat Cabarrus was founded by a group of local churches who were concerned with the limited affordable housing options for low income families living in substandard conditions in Cabarrus County. Determined to make a difference, these houses of faith have worked together offering Habitat their prayers, their volunteer support and their money to ensure that we are able to make a difference for these families. Currently, more than 60 area churches are in partnership with Habitat Cabarrus to continue our ministry.

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Community Partners

How to become a Habitat for Humanity community partner

Our community organization partners help give families in need the tools necessary to break the cycle of poverty housing. When your organization partners with us, you will receive a number of reciprocal benefits such as recognition and tax deductions. Additionally, our partners often tell us that the partnership provides an overall increase in their group’s morale.

An invitation to partner with us

We invite your organization to become a partner with Habitat for Humanity in working toward our mission of ending homelessness and substandard housing. Your organization can get involved through:

  • Product donations
  • Financial support
  • Volunteer engagement
  • Grants and awards programs

For more information about partnering with Habitat Cabarrus, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Corporate Partners

Our corporate partners work hand-in-hand with us around the world to provide decent, affordable shelter to families who need it. In return, we provide our partners with a wealth of benefits, including public relations, tax deductions and a positive effect on company morale.

Partner with Habitat

We invite your company to partner with us and support our mission. You can get involved through:

  • Product donations 
  • Financial support
  • Volunteer mobilization
  • Grants and awards programs 
  • Raising public awareness